Thursday, July 2, 2009

lame x update~

hellow people~
sorry dah lame x blogging...
bz ulang alik pg hospital kene jage my grandpa..
codition die x stable..
so i need to spend a lot of time wif him..
bcoz doctor kate anytime jantung die bley stop..
i love u grandpa..

ok lastweek i went to KLCC and Pavilion..
mommy nak sagt pg kat La Senza sebab ade sale..huhu
and i got 1 new pants..
seluar tdo monkey!hehehe

then kat pavi pulak i saw 1 super duper cute shoe from Nine West!
seriusly nak that shoe!!
tp bile la nak ajak abah pg shopping..

ni seluar tdo monkey from la senza =D


and this is an adorable shoe that i really2 want!!!!

okay..nnt nk post blog main layang2 dgn b n the kids!=D

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